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Rain Shoe Cover Non-slip Wear Shoe Cover Waterproof [multicolor01]

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Ships from hong kong.Indoor wear waterproof shoe cover to do cleaning work.Outdoors, put it in school in the rainy day / office / garden / park / farm / disneyland / golf course / forest and so on.Suitable for travel / biking / walking / shooting / hiking / fishing outside.Water-repellent environmentally friendly pvc material to keep dry, clean, warm your expensive shoes and boots, to extend the life of your footwear.Get rid of the troubles of wet shoes, beautiful, fashion.Shoes port adjustable tethers, can tighten the trouser legs, to prevent wet with rain.New materials, high toughness, high elasticity, resistance to pull.360 reinforcement, durable and non-cracking, more wear-resistant.Tire pattern, non-slip bottom, thicker non-slip wear-resistant.The length of sole is 24.5cm.It is suitable for kids.
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