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Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton Hand Towels - Beige - Dobby Border - Set Of 6

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Our outstanding dobby border collection is 100% turkish cotton which provides superior ability to absorb while the distinctive woven dobby border design provides an absolute upscale look.Their ultra plush design and comfort makes them a superb addition to your bathroom experience.A separate weave sometimes in geometrical patterns which creates an inset flat portion of the towel makes the dobby border.

- long lasting softness
- double stitched edges provide high durability and long lasting.
- extraordinarily soft and becomes softer after each wash
- made from all natural materials
- with the natural dobby weave the towels are an elegant addition to any bathroom.
- the dobby border can be differentiated from other fancy borders because of its weave.
- the dobby border provides attraction and a little bit of design that adds flair to your bathroom decorations.
- machine washable.wash before using
- made in turkey

size chart
- bath towel: most common everday towels ( 27x54 inches )
- hand towel: used to dry hands and as decorative accents ( 16x30 inches )
- wash cloth: used to wash hands, body and face in and out of the shower ( 13x13 inches )
- bath sheets: oversized for more coverage ( 35x70 inches )
- oversized bath sheets: oversized for more coverage ( 40x80 inches )
- bath mat: to provide warm non-slip surface outsite the tub or shower, and absorb water like a towel.( 39x25 inches)
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