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High Quality Chinese Calligraphy Brush Pen Sets Of 4(brown) - High Quality Chinese Calligraphy Brush Pen Sets Of 4(brown)

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Ships from hongkong,this new series of unusually large and expressive bill buchman "zen" sumi brushes comes from china and offers wonderful control and expressivity to the calligrapher, the watercolorist, the ink-painter, the ceramist, the experimental artist, and all who wish to experience the joys of the sumi brush. Hand-made by master brush makers in china, they are of excellent quality. It can truly be said that the sumi brush is capable of a variety of expressive brush-strokes and brush effects that no western brush can equal. These brushes are especially good for free flowing and expressive strokes and yet they are still firm enough to give control and accuracy when required. Like the bill buchman japanese zen brushes these chinese zen brushes are larger and of higher quality than the sumi brushes generally available in the west up till now. The size, shape, and the way they work make these brushes especially well-suited for the artist who wishes to work freely and on a grand scale. Dimensions: you can see exciting examples of the sumi brushes in action on the bill buchman art instructional videos on dvd (available on amazon) and in bill's drawing instruction book. Soft and springy when writing. Suitable for calligraphy and drawing. Artists quality brush brush head has just the right degree of firmness and flexibility great variety of brush strokes and great value exquisite design
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