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Credit Card Sized 1.5x Illuminated Magnifier, 4x Macro Lens - Black

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Don't be fooled by it's tiny size. Even though it's not much wider than a credit card, this little violet framed magnifier will do a really big job for you. The distortion-free lens has a 1.5x magnification power, and the diopter lens has 4x power. The white button activates the ultra-bright led light, so you won't miss a thing. Great for reading menus, theatre programs, price tags, etc. Anytime you need a little help see something up close, just reach in your wallet or pocket, and there it is. You won't want to be without it.
  • credit card sized magnifier features a distortion free acrylic lens - 3-3/8"" (l) x 2-3/16"" (w)
  • offers 1.5x power with a 4x diopter lens built in; batteries for led light already included
  • uses one ultra bright led bulb - when battery dies, it can be replaced - takes 2 cr1216 batteries
  • the compact size of this magnifier makes it easy to take anywhere with you
  • this magnifier is of the highest quality - lights only when button is pushed
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