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ADVENTURE Jump Start 6600mAh

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The myCharge ADVENTURE Jump Start rechargeable 6600 mAh battery provides emergency power when it's needed. The integrated microUSB port lets you charge cell phones and other mobile devices, and smart jumper cables provide LED feedback to ensure safe charging. The Jump Start Current is 200A and it works on cars, trucks, boats & ATV's. This myCharge Adventure jump-start charger has a compact design for portability and a built-in flashlight for nighttime use. 1) Compatible with most chargeable devices, including a wide array of cell phones, tablets and MP3 players for versatile use. 2) 2.4A Max output: a) 1 USB-A port, b) 1 integrated micro-USB, 3) Up to 400-amp output enables rapid charging, 4)The built-in flashlight provides a handy tool for emergency situations, 5) The charging cable is included to charge your device or the power pack.

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