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Can Cooker Seasoning Sampler Packet

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This mouthwatering sampler pack includes all five cancooker seasoning blends in one convenient package. Each msg-free blend is perfect for seasoning meals before cooking or at the table. The cancooker seasoning sampler pack includes: original seasoned salt which adds a zesty kick to any cancooker dish - meat, veggies, soups, pastas, casseroles, batter mixes and more! 4.6-oz. Butter garlic seasoning offers an irresistible blend of butter, salt and herbs for cancooker dishes and cookout favorites likes popcorn, fries and burgers. 4.5 oz. Onion pepper seasoning features a savory blend of pepper and onion that's great on cancooker potatoes. It's also versatile for adding flavor to any cancooker meal, like meat, game, chicken and seafood. 4.4 oz. All-purpose seasoning offers a well-balanced blend of coarse-ground salt and spices that's great on cancooker meals and cookout staples of all types.

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