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Millions of Products | Top Brands | Save Now!
The Future is Augmented

The Future is Augmented

What would happen if the line between virtual and physical was blurred? Or if it didn't exist at all? How would that world look like? With our 3D Virtual Reality Glasses, you can now experience it in the comfort of your own home. Immerse yourself in the deep, rich world of Augmented / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and make all your childhood dreams come alive in a lively, playful and gorgeous manner.

As our technological progress continues in an exponential manner, all sorts out extremely talented 3D designers and developers are bringing their creations to life via AR/VR. Through them, you can now experience augmented and dare I say enhanced reality.

Did your kid ever say they wanted a dinosaur? Let's face it, of course they did. When we were kids, didn't we want one (or few)? If your daughter wants her own dinosaur, now she can have it. She can customize it and adjust all the tiny, yet terribly important aspects of the dinosaur's appearance. Few clicks here and there and a gorgeously designed, slightly menacingly looking T-Rex is now stomping all over your kitchen table. Your kids can feed him and turn him into a lovely, cute pet. Don't forget to name it. When you do, it's truly yours forever. Do note, if you're ever in a situation where you can feed a real T-Rex, please run away. If not, do go ahead and feed your 3D T-Rex pet at home.

Thanks to the beautiful marriage of 3D computer programming and few amazing iOS and Android apps, creating the amazing AR/VR experiences has never been easier or faster. You can now use all kinds of 3D models not only to play but also in to help you with your professional life.

Let's imagine you're selling custom pieces of clothing or design home decor. You can now give your customers a taste of what it would feel like to own those items. It helps them see the real value of your products and brings them one step closer to improving their own lives. Allow them to try before they buy and convince them why your products are the best.

However, wait, there's (much) more. Now you can finally join your kids and learn what they love to play with on their consoles and computers and of course join in on the fun. This will not only help you understand the world your children are living in and bring you back to your lost, inner child but it will also help you forge the unbreakable relationship with your kids and give them tons of unforgettable childhood moments that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

AR/VR is a completely different universe that doesn't compete with our physical reality but complements it in an enriching and powerful way. We're on a brink of unlocking the dream world where we can be completely free and try anything we can possibly imagine. The future is already here. Immerse yourself in the future, walk your pet T-Rex and don't forget, if you're feeding a real T-Rex, it might still turn out to be a dream, not virtual reality.

Welcome to the magical world of Virtual Reality!
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