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The Best Furniture For Your Home Office

The Best Furniture For Your Home Office

Many companies, including big corporations like Microsoft, allow their employees to work remotely from their home. If you are one of them, you probably know how important is to have a dedicated place where you feel comfortable performing your best work day by day. To achieve the necessary productivity and comfort in your home office you must have the right furniture.

When choosing your home office furniture, pay attention to its functionality and how pleasant it would be after 8 hours of using it. Depending on the type of your job you will need at least one desk and a chair. Some additional chairs for guests would be good to have in case your clients decide to visit you. 

Picking a Desk For Your Home Office

The type of work you will be doing, and equipment you need will have a significant impact when choosing a desk. Here are some areas you should consider when picking out your desk.

Desk Size

The top of your desk should be long and deep enough so that all the tools you need can fit. Maybe you will use just a laptop, but if your job requires two desktop monitors or space for physical documents you will have to choose a table with a larger surface. 


You will be spending a lot of your time at this desk, so make sure it’s comfortable to sit at. You’ll have to have a quality chair too, but we will talk about it later on. An excellent ergonomic desk will keep your joints at right angles. Some desks come with adjustable legs, so you can set the height and position you want.

Cord organization

If all of your devices are not fully wireless, you will have to think about how easy it will be to plug in all the cords you have. Monitor, light, printer, mobile charger, router, etc.  Search for a desk that has cord ports, and a little hole to keep them out of your way.


Our Pick

Crank Desk Trivoshop

The Offex Crank desk adjustable standing desk that gives you the ability to find that productive balance of sitting and standing throughout the long workday.


Choosing The Right Chair For Your Home Office

While picking a chair, the size is one of the essential things you should take a look.

The height of the chair can vary from 16-21 inches allowing you to adjust it according to the height that is right for you. Your seat should be at least 17-20 inches wide, and the ideal size for the backrest is 12-19 inches wide.

Before picking the chair for your home office, make sure it is made from breathable fabric, which is considered to be the best. 


Our Pick

Activechair Ergonomic Trivoshop Office

Activechair Ergonomic Office and Gaming Chair, 7-way Adjustable


Perfect Desk Lamp

Together with natural daylight, and dimmable ceiling lighting, a good desk lamp will provide you multidirectional lighting, which reduces eye strain and irritation. Various, adjustable desk lights lessen the contrast between the object you are focused on and the surrounding area. This way, you will have a better focus on details without having headaches. Using a cold light for your desk lamp, you will feel more productive and active. 

Contrary to the cold lights, yellow one can calm your mind and help you prepare for sleep after late-night work. The link between color temperature and productivity is not defined, but some people may prefer warm lighting for long work hours, depending on their temperament and the tasks of their job.


Our Pick 

Lamp Office Trivoshop

Dainolite Decorative Black Desk Lamp 

Creating a productive home office starts with the right desk. A perfect desk should fit the free space in your home and should have the surface area you need to keep your equipment organized. Besides the desk, spend some time on searching for the right chair and lights you will feel comfortable using more than 40h a week. 

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