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6 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

6 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

If you are a fashion lover and you like to be on top of the latest trends, then you need to make sure to keep reading. After all, you are about to discover the top 6 2019 fashion trends that you just can't miss.

#1: The Modern Hippy:

One of the major 2019 fashion trends that we need to mention is the return to the New Boho trend. The reality is that you will see a lot of crochet shoulder sacks, fringing, artisan knits, scarf dresses, clashing geometric prints, neutrals, and hues.

#2: The Variety Of Suits:

While you may be used to wear a suit during the summer to go to work, the truth is that you probably only choose black and white suits. However, one of the biggest fashion trends in 2019 is the use of a wide range of colors in these same suits. So, during this year, you can still opt for the pastels but you can also choose to wear a vibrant color - from blue to red, green to orange, just pick your favorite. In terms of the shape, well this is totally up to you. We have seen blazers that are double-breasted, single-breasted, with the lower half is either relaxed or fitted and even some asymmetric-knot-fastened. This year, it's all about the color.

#3: Keep Your Keys On Your Trousers:

Another major fashion trend for 2019 is the inclusion of a lot of pockets in trousers and simply remove the wallets and bags from women's hands. So, you will find a wide variety of bottoms that include patch pockets and even front-loaded tool belts slung across your body. And believe it when we say that cargo pants are back.

#4: Feathery Accessories:

We all know that a good accessory can either make or break a complete outfit. So, this year, make sure that you use feathers. Where? Everywhere... Either on purses, wallets shoes and even earrings. From peacock to an ostrich, feathers are the 2019 new fur.

#5: Square Toes:

No fashion post can ever be complete without taking a closer look at the feet. The truth is that we are about to see a return to the 90s in terms of the shoes. After all, the square toes are back. No matter if you are wearing fluffy accessories, satin skirts or slip dresses, the square toe is back.

#6: Sweet Return:

It seems that this year is prone to comebacks from the 90s. After all, we are about to see pastels clash with paint-stroke prints and TV graphics in bright and bold shades. On the top, you will see a bit heavy with oversized shirts and jackets, and you may even see the boxy blazer. As you can see, there are a lot of colors and new shapes in 2019. While some of these fashion trends are a return to the past, the truth is that they are also accompanied by different details that make them completely different and new.
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