Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. Black-N-Berry Cobbler

    Summer is here and fresh blackberries are in season. Today we share with you a recipe from the Bottle Pros cocktail kitchen. It is a wine based drink that employs the flavors of blackberry and black pepper.

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  2. Cocktails To Make At Home

    You want to give a makeover to your living room because as you spend more time at home you want your surroundings to look good, organized and arranged as per good taste.

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  3. Grilled Pineapple-Ancho Margarita

    Ancho Reyes is a Mexican liqueur made from Ancho and Poblano peppers. It is a sweet and subtly spiced with a hint of smokiness. Ancho Reyes liqueur adds a great lift to many traditional cocktails and works particularly well in Margarita’s.

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